AMD teases Intel, launches website about it

amdAMD launched the Break Free Page: a collection of articles and quotes ramming about Intel’s bad behavior. I understand that Intel was a bad boy and revenge is sweet but making a website about it seems a little cheap. Maybe the time and effort put in slapping Intel should go to making processors.

AMD is an undisputed technology and innovation leader.

However, Intel’s abusive, illegal monopolistic behavior is preventing businesses and consumers alike from choosing freely between AMD and Intel products.

We applaud aggressive competition, so long as it occurs on a level playing field where products can compete on the merits. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Intel uses its monopoly power to perpetuate its monopoly grip on the market, and by any standard of antitrust law, that is illegal and patently anti-consumer.

Worldwide antitrust laws are clear: Abusive conduct to curb competition by a dominant monopoly is against the law. That’s why we’ve filed a lawsuit against Intel, to help AMD, our industry and consumers worldwide break free from a stranglehold that has deliberately restricted competition and slowed the pace of innovation. Regulators around the globe are intensifying their scrutiny into Intel’s business practices because they agree that the abuse of monopoly power to foreclose competition is illegal, harmful to consumers and must be stopped.

We believe our effort to restore fair and open competition to our industry will unleash a new wave of innovation and provide greater choice for consumers.”