Got an iPhone? You can start a band.

When Malaysian wireless carrier Maxis went to go throw a big iPhone promo event in Penang, they decided to get some live entertainment. Being that it’s an iPhone event, what band would be better than one using nothing but iPhones as instruments?

These 4 guys managed to dig up 4 iPhones and learn to play a handful of popular songs in a week for the event, so we figured we should show them some love. Perfect? Nah – but they’ve got chops for only having practiced on the itty-bitty instruments for a few days. (Oh, and if you’re wondering: The drummer and pianist are using the “Band” app, the Bassist is using Moo Cow’s “Bassist” app, and the guitarists are using “PocketGuitar”)

Check out their renditions of Jazon Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” after the jump. [Thanks Chong!]