Microsoft will reset cheaters' Xbox Live Gamerscore


Microsoft is taking bold, new actions against cheating on Xbox Live. (You can cheat on XBL? Why would you even bother?) So explains one Stephen Toulouse, from Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement, in a recent Major Nelson podcast. It comes down to this: if you’re caught cheating on XBL, Microsoft will reset your Gamerscore and put a permanent marker on your Gamertag that says, “This person is a cheater. Be aware!”

Apparently this is a big deal to people, according to Toulouse. Microsoft needs to protect the “integrity” of Achievement Points and whatnot, so that’s why they’re taking such issues. I guess the XBL “community” wants to know that its MEGA ULTRA COOL GAMERSCORE is 100 percent legitimate.

It really is fascinating how seriously people take Gamescores. If I can get an Achievement in Game I’m Playing without lifting a finger, fine, sure. I’m not about to rent Hanna Montanna so I can artificially increase my Gamerscore by 1,000 points.

In any event, cheaters beware! Cheating may be beneficial in the real world (see: Wall Street, donating to charity just for the tax credits, etc.), but it will not be tolerated on XBL.