Wii: Madden NFL 10 to feature 'genre-defining' style

Wii owners looking for this year’s Madden title to return to the roots of the franchise might be a bit disappointed. Though the team at EA Sports has promised that the game will “stay true to our core,” the game itself will be an “experience that you can only find on the Wii” chock full of “larger than life” characters who “look like they’re having fun out there.”

Sorry for all the quotes but those are EA’s words, not mine. Basically, the game’s going to look more cartoon-ish. The animations shown in the below videos actually appear to be improved, although they’re light years away from the more realistic motion-captured, high-resolution stuff that we’re supposed to be seeing in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

What you trade in the graphics department, you get back as far as the pick-up-and-play element is concerned. Last year’s Wii version gave us the All-Play feature, which made it easy for newcomers to jump into the game and the Call-Your-Shots feature made driving down the field with two minutes left pretty fun as well. I’m most interested to see how the audio presentation’s been handled in Madden NFL 10, as it seems like it’s been the exact same lines from John Madden and Al Michaels forever.

Here’s a gameplay video, followed by a behind-the-scenes video featuring the development team talking about the new “genre-defining” style:



[via Joystiq]