Yamaha's BODiBEAT player lets you jog to the music


In case you are an avid runner and don’t like to carry an iPod with you during your exercise, Yamaha Japan might have developed the right device for you. The so-called BODiBEAT (notice the small “i”) portable music player is specifically geared towards joggers.

Yamaha says the player tracks how fast you move and changes the pace and rhythm of the music stored in it accordingly (the tagline of the device is “Body. Music. In sync.” for a reason). It can show you for how long you have been running, how many kilometers you still need to run and how many calories you have burnt.


The problem is the size of the internal memory. 512MB is close to nothing. The battery life stands at 9 hours. Sized at 75.7×38×20.1mm, the BODiBEAT weighs 65g.

The device was first shown back in January and has now been announced by Yamaha for the Japanese market [JP]. It will go on sale in this country within this week and costs $300. Plans for overseas markets haven’t been announced yet.

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Watch the video below for a quick demo.