8K laser projector: better picture, less retina-burning

Although the demand for 8K projectors isn’t exactly blowing up, it’s useful for specialty stuff (digital dome projectors, scientific stuff, other applications you don’t think about) and for scrubbing through portions of your 28K footage. Evans & Sutherland was unimpressed with current projection solutions, however, and decided it’d be better to make a totally awesome laser projector that does 8K and even allows for splitting into 4K 3D footage.

Nobody is distributing 4K movies yet (2K, or 1080p is just becoming a real standard), so 8K is a long ways off. But that doesn’t mean this thing isn’t a useful piece of kit. The laser projection method avoids the “gapped pixels” in other projection methods, which do indeed have blank areas at perfect focus. Sure, they’re barely perceptible, but visually demanding consumers will enjoy the knowledge that their new projector uses “a moving column of light” instead of those other, more vulgar solutions.

It’s a little sketchy that it’s only available in render form right now, but I’m sure they’ll fix that.

[via Gizmodo]