A truly mesmerizing netbook review

I’ll be the first to tell you that video reviews are hard. There’s a delicate balance between keeping things brief, yet informative and trying to make it all entertaining, yet… well, also informative.

Add to that the multiple takes (if you wing it, like most of us do here) or the amount of time it takes to write a script, plus editing the thing down to a manageable size, rendering it, and uploading it to YouTube, and you’ve spent an entire afternoon on what amounts to a short, unprofessionally produced video that most people will never watch.

If you actually manage to get all the right pegs to fall into all the right holes from the pre- and post-production angles, there’s still the on-camera presentation — a very important and oft-overlooked piece to the video puzzle. Some people are naturally good in front of a camera, some aren’t. Some of it can be coached, most of it can’t.

Then there are the anomolies, like the above video (and anything reviewed by DiiFii). I won’t critique anything contained within the video — it appears to be a school project, after all — except to say that I watched all 8:54 of it and was greatly entertained while actually learning something at the same time. And at the end of the day, that’s the entire point.

[via SlashGear]