International Playthings' Ecotronic Mr. Robot Head is like Operation, but way cooler


International Playthings recently launched their line of ‘eco-friendly’ toys called Ecotronic and while most of them are really kiddy, I thought Mr. Robot Head was adult kid cool.

Before we get to Mr. Robot Head, you may be curious to know why this particular line of toys is considered eco-friendly. First, the packaging is made from bio-degradable materials. Second, each toy in the Ecotronic line works without the use of traditional batteries that typically fill up landfills across the land. Mr. Robot Head has a hand crank in the back to power up his lights, bleeps and bloops.

So he’s a lot like Operation in that you’re tasked with getting from one side of his noggin to the next using a wand-like instrument without touching his antennae ears or whatever they are. Check out the video to see what he does. And check out the rest of the Ecotronic line here.

Mr. Robot Head [Product Page]