LG claims thinnest display in the world, Shinoda secretly laughs

f-p-211813-3LG announced today their new “thin” display line. The press release claims that LG’s are the thinnest in the world, but our constant readers know the truth.

The new product line is available in both 42 and 47-inch models, both of which are only 5.9mm thick. The catch is that Shinoda released their prototype displays this week, which are only 1mm thick, obviously a huge improvement over the bloated and oversized LG.

The LG units do have a weight advantage, however, coming in at 13 and 16 pounds respectively. The Shinoda weighs a Oprah-sized 200 pounds. That’s quite a difference. To be fair, LG only claims the title of thinnest LCD screen, but that’s like saying “I’m the fastest man on earth… who’s wearing this hat.”

[via Tom’s Hardware]