NetQoS Releases New And Improved Version Of App Management Platform

NetQoS has updated Performance Center, a platform for managing applications, with new features including new data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities to help IT personnel, engineers, and executives deliver application performance across their networks.

NetQoS has added a “Performance Dashboard” that provides an view of response times per application and site across an organization. The dashboard is meant to help isolate the cause of a problem in the network, server, or application. The new version also includes maps that show performance and application availability, giving users a real-time, visual perspective on the health of the entire IT infrastructure and its effect on application performance.

The last feature, which seems to be the most useful addition, is an API that was created to to help customers quickly build custom reports in Excel using data from the Performance Center. NetQoS said that they created this in response to customer demands for having the ability to easily (and quickly) package data into a readable form. With this feature, the process of compiling data, which used to take weeks, takes engineers and IT staff hours and enables more frequent reporting of application health and usage.

The last feature seems to be the most compelling feature and will surely save time for staff that are evaluating applications. Competitors include ExtraHop and NetScout.

Here’s a video explaining NetQoS’s Excel integration: