New Microsoft mice are Bluetracky, mobile

The latest gear from Microsoft arrives in fine, compact, and wireless form. The new Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 and Wireless Mouse 5000 (such evocative names) are go-with-you mice, in case your trackpad isn’t all that. The Wireless Keyboard 3000 looks pretty solid, although it’s got those freaky function buttons instead of F-keys. Not that I use F6 and F7 all the time, but at least they’re not “Launch Windows Media Player” and “Zoom In.”

You can get the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 for $50, the Wireless Mouse 5000 (apparently not mobile?) for $40, and the keyboard for $40. That keyboard actually looks like kind of a bargain for a secondary keyboard or HTPC remote. You can also get a combo deal: the 5000 and the 3000 together for $70 — an unbelievable savings of $10! You can pre-order them now and they’ll ship in June.