South Carolina Holds Its Own Poll, Still Loses

The poll results from yesterday are in, and it isn’t even close. 80% of you think Craigslist (46 million US visitors) is more important than South Carolina (4.5 million residents). Background on the conflict is here.

The numbers are obviously not statistically relevant since TechCrunch readers, a tech savvy lot, are going to be more likely to side with Craigslist. But South Carolinians (or whatever it’s supposed to be) apparently aren’t too thrilled with their state, either. The Palmetto Scoop, a popular conservative blog in South Carolina, held their own poll today and asked “Which is more important, 2,500 TechCrunch readers (the total number that had voted as of this post) or enforcing the law?”

As of right now, 60% of the 124 respondents say, well, TechCrunch is more important than enforcing the law (which isn’t really what the Craigslist issue is about anyway).

Your conservative voters have spoken, Mr Attorney General McMaster. We’ll draw up the secession paperwork for your signature.

Update: Just because it’s awesome: