Boost Mobile opening 50 new stores by 2010

Boost Mobile:  Pleasing those shareholders.

Boost Mobile, the refreshed and rambunctious pre-paid arm of Sprint-Nextel, has some news that may shock some people: Even with the economy teetering, Boost hasn’t folded it’s hand. Turns out, they may be sitting with a full house. They’re doing well, well enough to be expanding on a solid scale with 50 exclusive stores nationwide. The first of the bunch opened up May 8th in Philadelphia, nine more following within the first quarter of 2009. The rest of the stores will be slated for their grand-opening parties before the 2010 year marker.

“Our stores will have a great vibe and highlight the best we have to offer,” said Jeff Auman, vice president of sales and distribution, Boost Mobile. “But they’re much more than just retail spots aimed at attracting customers, the stores are centers for community connection. Becoming an integral part of these neighborhoods is a priority for Boost Mobile, and we are actively engaging local civic officials and giving back to charities in the communities where our stores are located.”

From the looks of it, Boost Mobile is doing it’s part to really grab the customers aimed for. From decent pricing plans and dirt cheap phones, to promises of giving back to the communities that Boost stores are located in. And with it’s awkward commercials geared toward the 18-25 year-old-neanderthal, it is grabbing the interest of children with ease. I mean, cyber-stalking and armpit hair at least 2 feet in length on a teenage girl, what else sells to kids? So, now that we know how to truly captivate the youthful crowd (crude humor and obsession), it’s your move Big Tobacco.