Dell Mini 10 to rock TV tuner for $50, Passion Purple coloration, Spider-man


Are you ready for some football? Dell has changed up the Dell Mini 10 configuration to include a 2GB memory stick full of the Spider-man movie – the first one, we’re presuming – as well as a new Passion Purple color.

For $50 extra you can also get an ATSC TV tuner so you can pick up Oprah while you sit on the bus to Washington, DC where you’re going to meet your birth father but when you get there all your friends jump out from behind couches and stuff at the place you’re supposed to meet him and go “Surprise” and you’re all like “What?” and they’re all like “We wanted to surprise you” and you’re like “Where’s my real Dad?” and they’re like “Dude, you weren’t adopted. It’s almost your birthday. We wanted to surprise you and get you out of the house. You’re addicted to porn.”

Hopefully your heart won’t break like mine did.