Hottest rumor of all time: Sony considering PSP music service


Looks like Sony wants to marry the PSP to a music service of some sort, à la iTunes or Rhapsody. That’s what “music industry sources” say, at least. And if there’s anyone more trustworthy than someone in the music industry I don’t want to meet them.

This hot rumor, first reported by C-NET/CNET/cnet, isn’t so crazy, now is it? We all know Sony wants to remake the PSP into, say, a success, and is looking to do away with that cruddy UMD drive, moving toward an all-download business model. So, why not relaunch the new PSP with a music service while you’re at it, right? Sony could then try to market the device as something that the kids will like (and want!), especially if it’s a lot thinner than the current model. I’m thinking iPod Nano-thin or BlackBerry, or at least close to that.

In any event, this is merely a rumor; Sony, as always, says, “We don’t respond to rumors, buddy. Now take a long walk off a short pier.”

Sleater-Kinney photo from Flickr