Palm Pre will be blind: no Visual Voicemail upon launch

palmpreWell, Twitter has become the pinnacle of gossip, grapevine chatter, and frankly, just good ol’ breaking news.  Yesterday, Palm made a very subjective statement through the company’s Twitter account in response to the question about Visual Voicemail: “Palm Synergy presents integrated messaging in lots of useful ways, but not that particular way”. From the statement, it does not look like Palm’s Pre will have Visual Voicemail out of the box when it hits stores and our pockets on June 6th.  It’s a shame, really, but as pointed out by PreCentral, if that specific application is truly sought after, the development community will have no issues churning out the Visual Voicemail that will entice the masses.

So, Palm Pre hopefuls and fanboys, is this news a deal-breaker or will you be able to get passed the notion of not actually seeing the messages before listening to them?

[Pre Central via IntoMobile]