The Sony Blu-ray Mega Changers are coming, are you ready?


How many Blu-ray discs do you own? 10? 12? You need to step up your game, buddy. The Sony Blu-ray Mega Changers we spied at CEDIA is coming soon and will be able to store a crapton of the Blu-ray discs. This changer will come in two different flavors: one will be the standard model with a 200 disc capacity and the other in the high-end ES line with a whopping 400 disc capacity. Are there really that many Blu-ray titles available?

These boys will not be cheap, with the BDP-CX7000ES coming in at around $2250. Is this beast worth it? Sure, if you’re still one of those that must have physical media. The rest of us has moved on to digital downloads.