Half-Life Fridge Magnets: Need, not want


I like how the artist who makes these Half-Life magnets gets from start to finish. First, imagine Half-Life if it were an 8-bit NES game, then make magnets based on what the characters would look like. Or maybe it was: make Half-Life magnets, realize they look like 8-bit NES sprites, then say they’re from the imaginary 8-bit version of the game. Either way, finding cooler fridge magnets would be tough—nay, impossible.

Available over on Etsy.com (and available since last year, for cracked ice) these “Half-Life 8-bit Retroactive NES style Magnets” normally run $20 for the set of three you see in the above photo. Being cool magnets, though, they’re absolutely sold out at the moment. If you’re able to catch them when they’re back in stock, they’re each between 5.5 and 6 inches tall, ensuring a fantastically prominent showcase on that big box that keeps your perishables cold.

Whoa there, looks like we’ve got an update on the “coolest fridge magnets ever” claim, as the same designer also sells similar magnets for Resident Evil, Pikmin, and Super Mario Kart.

Half-Life 8-bit Retroactive – NES style Magnets [Etsy.com via Joystiq]