New Windows 7 logo revealed? Sweet flare!

There’s nothing to suggest this is the true and final Windows 7 logo, or even that the OS will have such a logo. But it is an official Microsoft graphic, and it’s going in a different direction from the rest of the bannery, rounded logos they’ve been pushing the last few years with XP and Vista. I’m actually not convinced it’s for real; the extreme lens flare on it suggests to me that it may actually be the logo for Voltron 7.


Actually, it’s from the Windows Lounge site, which directs MS employees to a Windows 7 Facebook group, so this is probably just a logo for that aspect of the OS. Also, if you spin it around, a 7 looks like an L. Lounge starts with L… or maybe this is the logo for Windows ‘Leven? You be the judge.


Of course, new or not, and official or not, it’s still a butt-ugly logo. They really should stick with what they’ve got: the established and widely-recognized 4-color Windows logo, and simple text proclaiming the new “version.” Don’t blow it, Microsoft.