Pentax releases four official K-7 sample images


Despite my new found love for manual film SLRs, I can’t help but lust over the new Pentax K-7 that was announced earlier this week. Our good buddy Dan Havlik got a full week with a pre-production model and his positive hands-on of the K-7 gives all of us Pentaxians hope that the seventh gen SLR is going to kick some much needed ass.

Dan wasn’t allowed to post any full-res images but Pentax Japan went ahead and posted four RAW sample images shot at ISO 100 on the HQ website. They look good, but I’m on a netbook so it’s a bit difficult to really assess the quality. So I’m hoping the photogs in the crowd will break it down for me. I’ve included all four images in a scaled down format so you’ll want to download the full-res versions here, here, here and here.


via DemystifyingDigital