Claw vending machine + cute robot = Puchi Robo Catcher


Claw vending machines, also known as UFO catchers or crane games, are a multi-billion dollar business in Japan. Combine this fact with the Japanese penchant for robots, and you get the Puchi Robot Catcher, whose arms are used instead of the usual cranes.

Players need to make an attempt to grip the surprise balls in the case, move the robot over to the opening at the left hand side and release the ball by pushing a button. Successful players see the ball dropping into the opening and falling into a hatch from where it can be picked up.

The Puchi Robot Catcher is actually a model developed by Tokyo-based robot maker Vstone. It costs $800 in its basic version. Watch the video for an (unsuccessful) attempt to get one of the surprise balls.

Via Hobby Media [JP] (hat tip to Frankie)