Sony Japan integrates postcard function into Bravia TVs


Here is some news from Sony, which comes directly from the who-on-earth-needs-this department. The company has launched a new service for the Japanese market that enables owners of Bravia TVs to send and receive e-postcards. Obviously, “Bravia Postcard” [JP] only works if you have an Internet-enabled Bravia at home.

Users can receive, read and magnify e-postcards sent from certain Japanese cell phones (made by Sony) or from other Bravia owners. It’s possible to write messages using the remote control.


Bravia TVs (at least devices sold in Japan) have an application that’s called “Bravia Postcard” they can open to write and send away the e-postcard. If users receive a message, a small window on the right of the screen pops up, asking to open the postcard.

The whole service is completely free and Japan-only for the time being.