Turn your Xbox 360 avatar into a cake-top figurine


How many of you modeled your Xbox 360 avatar after yourself? Plenty of you, I’m sure. Not me, no. (Gotta be different.) My avatar, picture here, is named—yes, he has a name—Detective Bashyourbrainsin. He’s my idea of a rogue 1970s New York City police officer. (My Gamertag, ButteryBeats, which is an allusion to an old Opie and Anthony bit, is visible, but don’t bother adding me because I’m anti-social, even online.)

The detective is, obviously, handy with a nightstick, and has no problem telling his captain where he can stick his fancy opinions. The avatar is pretty much a work of art and, with the right financial backing, I’m sure I’d be able to write a gripping backstory for the detective; I’d pitch it to Fox as “24 meets All in the Family.” All of this brings us to the point of this here post: do I think Detective Bashyourbrainsin is worth $100, the price this organization charges to create a cake-top figurine based on your Xbox 360 avatar? Yes, yes I think he is worth it. Now I just need an excuse to buy a wedding cake.

This is what the cake-top avatars look like:


The avatars cost so much—to be fair, I have no idea how much those cake-top decorations go for In Real Life—because they’re essentially made by hand, like a fine watch. Each avatar can be posed as well; I envision Detective Bashyourbrainsin armed with a nightstick, looking for trouble in all the wrong places.

via Kotaku