Future-car designers seem to have been playing too much N64

I’m all for cool-looking concept cars, but the question that these designs attempt to answer is a bad one. What will cars look like in 50 years? With climate change, urban densification, and changing power sources for cars, it’s as close to impossible to tell. That shouldn’t stop futurists from imagining stuff, of course, but they should probably think more about the major forces affecting car design, and less about what would look cool in the next version of Extreme-G or F-Zero.

The factors affecting car design are so numerous and advancing technology is changing the game so fast that you may as well ask who will be president in 2060 as what cars will look like. Still, it’s fun to play pretend, right? I guess business is going so well over at Mazda, Toyota, and Nissan that they can hire someone full-time to draw rocket cars. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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