Pentax K-7 videos galore, new lenses leaked

Happy Tuesday! Hope ya’ll had a good weekend. Just for you, reader, we have some videos of the Pentax K-7 going head to head with the Nikon D3 and an overview from the team at Pentax in Golden, CO. There’s also some talk of new lenses that may or may not reveal what Pentax has in the pipe for their SLR line.

The first video is a comparison of the K-7’s continuous shooting mode versus that of the Nikon D3. Nothing too exciting, sure, but I kind of dig the new shutter sound from the K-7 and it seems to be much quieter than that of the D3. What’s more important is that the K-7 isn’t actually busting out the 5.2fps that Pentax claims, says RiceHigh. It’s actually measured at 5.08fps with 0.19675 seconds between shots and the actual number of continuous shots before the buffer goes is 46 and not 40. But who really knows until production models with v1.0 software are tested.

Next up is an eight-minute introduction video of the K-7.

I don’t typically follow lens rumors, but RiceHigh has a few ‘spy’ shots that supposedly reveal five new lenses and hints that Pentax might be working on a full-frame system. The following are the purported lenses in question: DFA* 20mm F2.8 SDM, DFA 645 25mm F2.8, DFA* 50mm F1.0 SDM, DA 135mm F2.8 Limited, and a DA* 400mm F4 ED[IF] SDM.


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