Psystar filed for bankruptcy, Apple lawyers seen circling for the kill

psystarlogoPsystar put up good fight. The small company first released a $399 Mac clone little over a year ago followed by rackmount servers a little later. The company was eventually sued by Apple for using OS X on clone machines. But Psystar showed some backbone and sued Apple back . But even if Psystar had secret financial backing, the company just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Chances are that the Apple dream team will steamroll the company after this news. The bankrupt company probably cannot withstand the legal fees needed to stand up to Jobs & Co. any more. It’s too bad. Many anti-Apple, and even some Mac fanboys, have applauded Psystar’s bravado for standing up to Apple for so long. Ah well, as Apple squashes one clone maker, two more pop up in its place.