Rumor: 5g iPod nano rendering

ipodnano5gIf we are to believe an iLounge tipster, this is what the next iPod nano will look like. The screen ratio will change from 1.33:1 to 1.5:1. the click wheel will be shifted down and shrunk a bit. And yes, it will have a camera. All this in a less scratchable plastic (eww, plastic) matte body. The same tipster states that this new nano will be released with the iPod touch which should be sometime between July and September.


The rendering seems at least plausible. There isn’t any large change between the current generation and this model. Cameras are cheap and small now so it doesn’t seem out of the question to stuff one in the nano somewhere. The placement, however, seems wonky. The screen size is better suited for widescreen playback and well, the plastic body should at least scratch less despite probably feeling cheap.

Only time will tell if this is the real thing. Chances are we will see more “leaks” and renderings before it is released anyway.