Acer Aspire Timeline spotted at an American Wal-Mart


Even though we haven’t heard a thing about the Acer Aspire Timeline since it was announced a while ago, that doesn’t mean we have forgotten about Acer’s latest ultraportable notebook. The $598, 15.4-inch model (5810TZ-4657) was spotted at a Wal-Mart of all places by one of our intrepid readers minutes ago. Didn’t know that Walley World stocked the latest and greatest, eh?

Sorry for crappy quality, took em on my phone while shopping. It’s dead sexy, I had to fight myself to keep from biting the bullet an buying it….I can confirm that grand blanc [MI] AND corruna rd [MI] walmarts both had it, and last I had read it has only shown up in Canada as far as n America goes…

Just like Doug said, the Timeline is more than a netbook, but more portable than your average notebook. The six cell battery should power this slim notebook for more than eight hours thanks to the Intel ULV SU2700 CPU and LED back-lit screen. Expect to see reviews dropping shortly comparing this anorexic-thin notebook against the Apple MacBook Air, MSI’s X-Slim notebooks, the Dell Adamo, and the Lenovo X301. At least now we know that the notebook is available for general consumption at your local Wal-Mart.


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