First look: Acer easyStore H340

acer-smallWe just took delivery of Acer’s first Windows Home Server, the Acer easyStore H340. So far, so good. The machine is heavy and well made. It feels just as good as HP’s EX series. I am thinking that HP’s might have better cooling with a Mac Pro-type front, but we’ll run some tests and see if temperature is even an issue with the Acer. Hopefully this machine preforms as well as it looks.

If it does, HP has a problem as this 1TB WHS is only $399 verses the $647 post rebate price for its EX487 1.5TB model. That’s a big difference and it doesn’t matter how much extra software HP is loading on it. Price and storage is the most important selling points on these servers.

Anyway, click through for a gallery of unboxing pics.