Nintendo to announce Wii Fit Plus next week?

Wii Fit Plus

You guys down with Wii Fit or what? Loose talk around the internet seems to indicate that we’ll all be hearing about something called Wii Fit Plus at E3 next week.

Back in April, Nintendo apparently filed a Japanese patent for Wii Fit Plus along with the above logo. Certain financial analysts are speculating that the game will be targeted towards existing Wii Fit users and will be sold both as a standalone title and as part of a bundle — presumably with the Balance Board.

I’d say it all makes sense. There aren’t a huge amount of exercises in Wii Fit and there hasn’t been any downloadable content as far as being able to purchase new exercises, so some sort of expansion pack that adds a bunch of new strength training, yoga poses, and mini games seems perfectly logical.

Also, stay tuned for our upcoming Fitness Week here at CrunchGear. I’ll be comparing Wii Fit to EA SPORTS Active for those of you trying to decide on a fitness game for the Wii.

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