Tecmo Bowl for Wii is dead, long live Family Fun Football

Tecmo BowlAlmost a year ago to the day, we announced that Tecmo Bowl would be making its triumphant return to the video game world with a Wii version of everyone’s favorite old school football game. Those hopes have now been dashed “indefinitely.”

That’s the word straight from Tecmo as Tecmo Bowl for the Wii is “indefinitely on hold,” according to a company spokesperson. Instead, we’ll get to play Tecmo’s Family Fun Football which promises unlicensed teams, goofy big-headed characters, and mini games in order to cater more to the Wii’s target audience. See the video below for more:


If you own an Xbox 360, you’ll be happy to know that Tecmo IS working on Tecmo Bowl for Xbox Live Arcade. It won’t be available until some time next year, though, so it looks like the waiting game continues.

[via Joystiq]