The Champions League final will be in HD on ESPNHD today


Good news, sports fans in the U.S.! It looks like ESPN will broadcast today’s Champions League final in HD on ESPNHD. Well, at least according to the schedule on its Web site. Why the network didn’t bother showing the whole tournament in HD when UEFA provides an HD feed, I don’t know.

The game sees the champions of England, Manchester United, against the champions of Spain, Barcelona. I’d say Manchester United are the favorites, if only because there’s no way Henry and Iniesta will be match fit (and who knows how long they’ll play) and because dumb Dani Alves had to collect his zillionth yellow card of the season, resulting in a one-match man. Good one, Mr. Alves!

Here’s a fine article summing up the situation, without the usual “Ronaldo v. Messi” cliché.

I’m excited (even if the tournament itself needs some sort of shakeup).