The world gets its first Buddha phone (and it's no joke)


For geeks who a) happen to believe in Buddha and b) are able of reading Chinese, this must be excellent news: Buddhists can now actually buy a Buddha cell phone in China. The device is not a joke product, but it actually works and makes kind of sense (if you are a Buddhist).


The phone, which is for some weird reason branded as “ODIN 99” (of all names), features a Buddha activation button (OK, it’s just a lotus leaf) that you can push to bring a fully customizable altar on your screen (see the picture above). It’s also pre-loaded with Buddha-themed ring tones (chants), animations and background images.


The phone comes with a camera, two memory card slots and supports MP3 files. Buyers get two batteries (one of them is engraved with the word “gift” written in Chinese), a CD-R with various Buddhism-related content (which can then be transferred to the phone via memory card) and a protective plate for the screen.

Via CNET Japan [JP]