Video Review: Bleep Labs Thingamagoop

What do you get when a Kaossilator and a Chumby mate? How about the Thingamagoop from Bleep Labs? This little bugger has an LED, a photo-resistor, and some knobs and it makes a lot of noise. What kind of noise? Noise-rock noise, which could put a damper on my plans to add this to the woodwind section in the orchestra playing my new opus, the iPhone Sonata in D Minor.
The website has a collection of sample sounds to show you what this thing is capable of which, it turns out, is a series of piercing squawks.
But look at the cute little guy. He’s so fun looking! He’s got a little 1/4″ inch jack for audio output and I’m sure you could bitfreak him a little to mess up your guitar music or something, so why not give him a chance? You can even customize yours.
He costs $120 and is available now.