Windows 7 and Microsoft Surface play well together

A couple weeks ago we got an early demo of the Surface SP1 update, and saw that one of the goals of which was to improve Windows-Surface cross-compatibility and encourage developers to make their apps touch-compatible. Looks like that work goes both ways, as it appears that Surface content and functionality is going to be kicking it with Windows 7.

Of course, the Surface’s hardware is mixed blessing: it makes development a lot easier when you’ve designed the hardware (just ask Apple), but makes it a pain when you’re trying to set your cool software up on similar but not identical platforms. Surface can handle a billion touches but the Dell Latitude used in this video demo (no offense, Dell) isn’t quite as capable, though of course it does everything it was designed to do.

It’s certainly not “OMG Surface on yr computar” but I’m looking forward to having lots of overlap between these two delicious Microsoft treats.

[via GottaBeMobile]