49-port USB hub is just plain practical

What’s a modern computer user to do? You’ve got your thumb drives, your backup drives, your joystick, your drink warmer, your drink cooler, your USB humping dog, your USB blow-up doll, and a hundred other things littering your desk. And even the best motherboards only come with 10 or 15 USB ports. If only there were some way to plug in all of these things at once, in some sort of… hub. Brother, your prayers are answered at last! With this 49-port powered USB hub, you can live it up and never worry about unplugging anything ever again.


Okay, so it’s actually aimed towards a more… labratory-ish environment in which, perhaps, drives from different batches are all tested for flaws at the same time, or input from 49 different cameras must be pulled simultaneously. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one in your home. Why let the scientists have all the fun?

Update: Oops, forgot to include the damn link.