Alienware Allpowerful notebook teased in a riddle


Get ready to meet your maker. Alienware‘s Allpowerful (that’s the codename) will decimate everything in its path and leave nothing but trembling subjects in the wake. This monstrosity¬†is more than a desktop replacement. It’s so big, it could be the desk. Trust us, we’ve seen and played with the beast. Alienware isn’t ready to release it yet, but this riddle provides some clues of what’s too come. We can’t give any hints though so you’re on your own to decipher it.

The sum of the first four primes
denotes a state of two parts
known as the gentleman’s muscle car of 1967
when pure, it will carry a yield strength of 7-11 mpa
is always empty in zero sum games

NotebookReview via Engadget