iPhone app lets you shoot remotely with your Canon DSLR – Nikon support coming

Now here’s an app many creative professionals might find useful. The DSLR Remote iPhone app lets you trigger your camera’s shutter, adjust almost any of its settings, and view photos it’s taken. The catch, unfortunately, is that the camera needs to be wired to a computer for this to work. Even so, I can think of plenty of situations where this could come in handy, though admittedly there are few where a professional would absolutely need it. Still, the more tools you have, the more versatile your whole setup is, and who wouldn’t want to snap pics via their iPhone anyway?

It even works with Live View, so you essentially have yourself a gigantic spy camera if you need it. It’s available now at the App Store in two flavors: Lite for $2 and Pro for $10. I’d spring for Pro, because that lets you do the more advanced adjustments and use Live View.

There are plans for a Nikon version but they’re still testing that. Patience, grasshopper.

[via Photo District News]