Is it better with Windows?

better with windows?
Hot on the heels of their successful advertising campaign to make consumers see a PC running Windows as a better value than a Macintosh, Microsoft is now declaring “It’s Better With Windows“! The new website, aimed at Asus Eee PC users, reminds us that “Windows helps you quickly and easily get online and connect to your devices and services — without dealing with an unfamiliar environment or major compatibility issues“! Oooh, burn! Watchoo gonna do, Linux?

The site contains a couple small text blurbs, and several variations of the same commercial showing a family using an Eee PC running Windows. As far as I’m concerned, the page may as well have been written by Gerald Holmes for all the substantive information it provides. Very little of what’s shown in the commercials are Microsoft specific benefits: there are productivity and video chat solutions for Linux, and I’ve not had many problems with USB-connected devices lately, either.

One astute Slashdot commenter suggests that this site has little to do with Asus directly, and more to do with the Goliath that is Microsoft PR.

Anyway, happy Thursday, everyone!

Via Slashdot.