Of Course: ToastIt Toaster Bags

toaster bag

The future! Please observe ToastIt Toaster Bags. Non-toxic, non-stick bags that are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees, dishwasher safe, and cost $4.50 for two. You build a delicious sandwich, put it in a toaster bag, and drop it in your toaster. Boom, hot melty sandwich.

Perhaps the law of gravity might make for a gooey mess at the bottom of the bag if you were to overtoast something but in most cases, this seems like a pretty stupidly awesome way to whip up some quick, hot food. Chalk up another point for space-age polymers or whatever the hell material the bags are made of.

The bags can be reused up to 50 times each and even work on indoor grills. Here’s a video for your consumption:

ToastIt Toaster Bags [Vat19.com via Random Good Stuff]