Sony Japan to roll out cordless walkman for workouts (video)


In case you’re tired of your earphones constantly falling out while you jog or work out, Sony’s new music player, the W Series Walkman [JP], might be the right device for you. It’s light (35g), cordless and curls around your neck and over the ears.

Sony claims the secure fit is guarenteed even when you work out for hours. The company targets people in their 20s who can choose tracks and adjust the volume through a dial on the right earpiece. The device supports music files in ATRAC/MP3/WMA/AAC/Linear PCM (WAV) format and has 2GB of internal memory.


The W Walkman was announced during CES 2009, and Sony has added four colors to the line-up (black, white, pink and lime green). The street price in Japan, where the device will go on sale on June 13, is $110.

Watch the video below [JP] to see how the W Walkman looks like in action.