Weekend Project: Build an electric guitar from an IKEA cutting board


After hearing Brad Paisley say that a Fender Telecaster “is nothing more than a cutting board, a baseball bat, and strings,” Zachary Custom Guitars decided to put that idea to the test — minus the part about the baseball bat.

The result: a guitar body made from a $25 butcher block from Ikea . The finished guitar costs slightly more, at $2675, but you get a maple neck, bois de rose fretboard, and all the other stuff that makes an electric guitar and electic guitar. Not to mention the fact that it’s made by hand.

The 40mm “SPAR” butcher block is made of solid birch and is 40mm thick — which is, coincidentally, the exact thickness of Leo Fender’s early prototype guitars.

Ikea Butcher Block Tele Guitar [ZacharyGuitars.com via Ikea Hacker]