Will Offer Small Businesses Affordable SEO Services

The founder of Text Link Ads (which was acquired by Media Whiz in 2007) Patrick Gavin, is launching another startup related to search engine optimization. Search marketing is a fast growing industry and becoming a vital part of a businesses strategy to maintaining a presence online. There are many firms out there that have developed products and software to aid businesses search, including Conductor, Marin Software and Kenshoo, but Gavin is trying to create solutions for small businesses who can’t afford to throw a ton of money towards SEO.

Gavin is launching DIYSEO, which just raised $500,000 in seed funding from angel investors, to target small businesses who only have a $500 budget and can put 25 man hours per year towards online marketing. Gavin is mum on the details but says that the product will be semi-automated yet highly customized.

Gavin says the product is primarily targeted towards small businesses who have little resources to put towards the web, including real estate agents, small car dealers, restaurants, and part-time entrepreneurs. But SEO is a crowded and competitive space and with the decline in the economy, SEO providers are all looking to provide cost-effective options for SMBs. It should be interesting to see how DIYSEO will fare in this climate.