Hackintosh maker to open actual physical hackintosh store in LA

Is it confidence or hubris? Hackintosh company Quo Computers is looking to set up shop right in Apple’s back yard (well, down the street a little too), and for some reason they think their fate differ from Psystar’s. The difference, they say, is the quality of their products, despite the fact that those products are expressly forbidden by Apple’s OS X EULA. Still, it’s hard to get mad at these bushy-tailed little entrepreneurs when they say stuff like “I’m hoping that Apple sees the value in what we are doing.”

The deal doesn’t seem quite so different from Psystar and PearC, but the proprietors say they’re going to focus on having everything be as close to Apple-quality as possible, and will be talking to schools to get their frankenmacs into classrooms. Very ambitious!

Their site isn’t quite up yet, but they’re hoping to open online and in meatspace come June 1st. Something tells me their first customer might be an Apple lawyer. If you want to be there when it happens, head over to 2401 West Main Street in Alhambra, wherever that is — I guess near Pasadena, wherever that is.