U.S. government beginning to take cyberwarfare more seriously


We here at Crunch may use the Internet for fun little things, like Twitter or Spotify (I’ve tried the U.S. version—it’s pretty great), but it’s only a matter of time till the Internet becomes just another place where governments can fight each other. Cyberwar, etc.!

Right, so apparently the Pentagon will present President Obama with plans to create a new “military command for cyberspace.” Details, well, don’t exist; the president hasn’t even seen the plans yet.

What can be extrapolated from that, though, is that the government seems to be taking cyberwarfare a lot more seriously. There’s still some confusion (read: bureaucratic infighting) as to who would be in charge of preparing the country’s cyberwar defense, either the Pentagon or the National Security Agency, but that’s a debate for some clueless CNN afternoon program.

In any event, I look forward to entering enemy chat rooms and running a middle finger macro. That’ll teach ’em.