Wiinductive charger for Wiimotes: why not?

Tired of the long hours you spend preparing your Wiimote for charging? So much of our short time on this Earth, wasted in removing the rubber shock jackets and lining up the charge points — the best days of our lives gone! Well, no longer. Penguin United has an induction charger lined up for release during E3 that looks pretty hot: just drop the Wiimote in the charger slot and it immediately starts charging right through the sleeve. Very sci-fi — sorry, I mean SyFy.

There’s not much to say other than it uses special Ni-Cad batteries and can charge two Wiimotes at once. I would guess that charge time is longer but that’s not specified in the release. We’ll get one for review and report all about it. Personally I think it sounds great — the Wii is already unorthodox in its hardware and construction, why not add a cherry like this on top?