E3 2009 coverage starts tomorrow


Time sure does fly. It’s been a whole year since Devin and I popped our E3 cherries and we find ourselves back in LA for what is expected to be a return to glory for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Not much going on today except for a few parties, but I did pass the convention center on my way to the hotel and noticed that Ubisoft and Sony dropped crazy money on signage.

Draping one section of the CC was a rather large Assassin’s Creed 2 banner, but I’m not entirely sure what Sony’s banner was all about. It was a shot of someone’s arm from the elbow down holding up a Sixaxis controller. There was one other banner going up but I couldn’t make out what it was from the van.

Anyway, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft will hold press conferences tomorrow at 10:25AM PT, 2PM PT and 5PM PT, respectively. The Xbox 360 press conference was originally scheduled for 10:30AM, but an e-mail went out a couple hours ago with the following statement:

Please be advised that due to a very special addition to our Media Briefing tomorrow, we will be starting 5 minutes early at 10:25am.

Whatever you say, Microsoft.

Nintendo’s press conference is on Tuesday at 9AM PT with Sony going on at 11AM PT. Konami’s press conference is scheduled for 3PM PT on Wednesday and we’ll be at everything getting the lowdown for you guys. In between all of those shenanigans the CG team will be playing tons of video games that you guys won’t get to play for months. Heh.

And how cool is my hotel keycard? It was the Bats or Mr. J mouthing off about being exclusive on the PlayStation 3.