Hands on with the new Electro-Harmonix Rock Band 2 stomp box


Electro-Harmonix, pedal designers since 1968, have added a little of their effects magic to Rock Band 2 in the form of this cool new Overdrive pedal. Instead of shaking your guitar like a madman you calmly and professionally tap the main button on this effect, sending your riffs into the heavens with extra overdrive.

The company originally wanted the accessory to work like a real effects pedal when plugged into a guitar but the complexity got a little high. Instead, Harmonix and EHX designed the pedal to look like the Little Big Muff Pi and its built like a tank, just like the rest of EHX’s gear.

The box will be available soon for $29.99. This thing is so well built you’ll be able to stomp on it for years without an issue and it might even turn you Rock Band whippersnappers in to real guitarists one day.

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