Kleiner Perkins-Backed Hara Unveils Software To Help Companies Reduce Carbon Footprint

Hara, an startup that helps companies become more sustainable, has released a SaaS product, Hara Environmental and Energy Management (Hara EEM), that monitors and manages the natural resource consumption and environmental impact of companies and organizations. Funded in 2008 by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Hara’s software lets organizations monitor expenditures of energy, fossil fuels, water, waste, carbon, and other resources. To date, Kleiner Perkins has invested $6 million in Hara.

Hara EEM’s application aggregates environmental data of a companies, including resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental impact. The software will then plan customized strategies to reduce emissions and will calculate benefits for each strategy. Once a strategy is picked, the software will help companies manage the execution of energy saving and sustainability programs, track results, and create an audit trail for any current or future regulatory requirements.

With the U.S. government is expected to pass legislation soon that would create limits of carbon emissions from companies, Hara’s software would not only be useful but also necessary to enterprises. Hara isn’t the only company in this space. Carbonetworks and PlanetMetrics also offer ways to collect and make sense of data from carbon emissions.