Video: Eco Trip looks at what happens to your phone when you stop loving it

The day has finally come. That new phone you’ve been drooling over for months, hanging on each and every word of any blog post you can find about it.. it has arrived. You speed home from the store, tear apart the box, and start dabbling. It’s pure geek bliss.

Six months later pics of the followup have leaked, or the next big thing has been announced. Your once beloved phone is now covered in dings and scratches, and it has a weird tendency to reset itself every 2 hours. Also, your kid may have poured a cup of juice on it – but we’re not going to tell the warranty guys that. You begin to consider replacing it. But when you do, what happens to the old one?

Tomorrow evening, the Sundance channel will air an episode of their eco-awareness show Eco Trip focusing on the life cycle of cell phones. They were cool enough to shoot us an exclusive clip, so we figured we’d show them some love. If you’re interested in knowing where your old cell phone goes (if it ever leaves your sock drawer), check out tomorrow’s airing on the Sundance channel at 9PM.